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What do we do?

You or someone close to you are ill but lack proper personal identification (or proper insurance) and are therefore unable to seek medical assistance?


Medinetz Tübingen e.V. provides contact information of doctors that will treat you anonymously and free of charge. We believe that the provision of medical care should have nothing to do with the status of an individual’s residence permit and that a lack of personal identification should not hinder anyone’s chances to receive medical assistance without the threat of deportation.
We are a group of medical students (other specialties are evertheless very welcome to join) working on a voluntary basis. We answer all incoming calls anonymously and then arrange, as needed, for a consultation with a GP or a specialist. If necessary, we will accompany you to your appointment or arrange for a translator to be present. The appointment and subsequent treatment will be paid for by the NGO with some doctors foregoing payment altogether. The NGO finances itself through donations, membership payments and revenue from public events.

As for the legal situation: Currently a medical doctor’s legal requirement to provide medical assistance to people in need weighs more heavily than any legal requirement to report an individual’s lack of personal identification and unclear status of residency. Similar initiatives exist in other German cities (e.g. Freiburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Berlin, Mainz, Ulm etc.) and so far, no doctor or hospital has faced legal repercussions for treating people without an official residence permit. Further information can be found under the category “Rechtliche Grundlagen”.

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