Krank und ohne Papiere oder Versicherung?
Sick and without papers or insurance?
?مريض بلا أوراق او تأمين صحي
Medinetz Tübingen

Болен и без официальных бумаг? Enfermo y sin papeles? Doente e sem os papéis? Betegen iratok és biztosítás nélkül? bolnav și fără acte? Chory bez dokumentów i ubezpieczenia? Hasta ve belgesiz yada sigortasız? مريض و بدون مدرك رسمى يا ورقه بيمه Bolestan i bez papira? I senure dhe pa documente?


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<b>Medinetz Tübingen e.V.</b> is a nongovernmental organization of volunteers that contacts doctors and hospitals anonymously for people without papers who will then be treated free of charge.
All information is treated confidentially, nothing will be transferred to the German aliens department or the police. An answering machine is checked regularly.

If you like to help us out, please contact us here.

0049 170 2714629

Currently a medical doctor’s legal requirement to provide
medical assistance to people in need weighs more heavily than any legal
requirement to report an individual’s lack of personal identification and unclear status
of residency. Similar initiatives exist in other German cities (e.g. Freiburg, Mannheim,
Heidelberg, Berlin, Mainz, Ulm etc.) and so far, no doctor or hospital has faced legal
repercussions for treating people without an official residence permit. Further information can be found under the category “Rechtliche Grundlagen” (German).

As for the legal situation


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